Peering Request

For peering with my node(s) in the country of the node or adjacent countries, please send either an email or messages in the IRC. The email should have the following format:

Subject: Peering with <your MNT/AS>

node: <name of my node you want to peer with>

AS: <your ASN>
wgKey: <wireguard public key of your node>
endpoint: <ip/hostname:port of your node>
dn42-ip4: <your tunnel ipv4 (optional)>
dn42-ip6: <your tunnel ipv6 (optional)>
ll-ip6: <your ipv6 link local address>
bpg-cap: <wether you support mp-bgp,extended-next-hop, ...>
notes: <further notes I should follow>

I would prefer if you use pgp encrypted emails